James Beard


I currently make a living as a studio manager at the BBC in Central London. I record, edit and mix radio programmes for Radio 4 and the World Service.

At university I studied photography as part of my degree course in Communications & Image Studies at the University of Kent, but in the following years my commitment to keeping it up rather dwindled due to working hard paying my dues and getting a foot in the door of the radio industry.

But in the past few years photography has become one of my extra-curricular hobbies and passions, ever since getting my first DSLR back in 2010.

Up until now my interests have primarily been city and architecture shots, as this is what I see every day living in the capital. I am hoping to expand my subject matter into more natural landscapes and also portraiture in the coming months.

I am lucky to have several nice cameras, all good in different ways. My shots come from cameras including the Sony RX100 (compact), Fuji X-T2 (mirrorless) and Canon 6D (DSLR).