Tate Britain and Vauxhall

So, I paid a little visit to Tate Britain on Saturday afternoon, took my camera with me and did a little snapping on my way round. I was interested to see how relaxed they are there about people taking photographs.

I was amused to see at one point a slightly manic woman who was virtually running round the gallery trying to take pictures (badly) of every painting on the walls using her iPad. She almost elbowed a few other punters out of the way in order to get a couple of her shots. I was entertained watching her, and managed a few shots of her busy endeavours. I'm not sure she was really understanding the point of art galleries though ...

When it was closing time, I hung around and grabbed a few shots making use of the lovely blue hour light, and liked the pink glow that the lighting gave the Tate building. Also after accidentally firing off a very slow exposure whilst trying to hand hold a shot of St. George Wharf, I started experimenting with some intentionally blurred shots that gave a more impressionistic perspective on that familiar view. This practice is now commonly known as Intentional Camera Movement or ICM. It's actually a lot more difficult than you would think to get good shots this way - I must have taken 30-40 with varying shutter speeds and different movements of the camera in order to produce a few good ones. I've included what I thought were the three most successful ones.

Here's my little selection of images from the afternoon: