Spring Housesitting Stint

So, I'm house- and cat-sitting for my parents for a week at their place near Reading, a tradition I've been doing, usually in the summer, for a number of years now. It's always a nice opportunity to get some quiet space away from the cut and thrust of life in London, and to get some good quality 'me-time' in which to do a bit of lounging, reading, watching a few movies, playing the piano, and also taking photographs when inspiration strikes. I like to try and to do something creative every day whenever possible, even if it's just taking a picture or two of something around the house.

One of the main sources of interest when I'm at my folks' place has always been cats, as they're so cute in endlessly photogenic in different ways! Sadly they lost one of their two cats last year, so there's just the one left, Paddy. He's an incredible tart though, and always seems to play well to the camera, so unsurprisingly I always come away with quite a few shots of him, also a few of the garden and around the house. Some from further afield, depending on how bothered I am to venture out and about.

This time round my only day trip was to Oxford, a city fairly easily accessible from Reading. I was catching up with a friend who's studying there, so it wasn't a dedicated photo trip, but I did come away with at least a couple of shots that I liked.

Below is a link to a little gallery I've compiled with a selection of shots from the week.